Friday, December 17, 2010

astro crazyness

birds falling out of the sky, saturn return, mercury retro grade, lunar elicipse. no wonder i feel out of line. its all going down folks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not that these shoes need much explanation. Fabulous works of art they are. BUT I think there is a new man in my town. Mr Nicolas kirkwood be thy name. I couldn't pick just one favorite but here a few. I love his choice in odd heels and inverted platforms. The mesh and lace made to look like stockings is genius and sexy. The gold metallic oxford... i think those were made for my feet. Do go to his site and cruise threw some more styles.

gold satchel? i think so....

SO satchel's huge trendy Wendy right now. They're great in my book. They hold a ton but don't look messy. No basket case crazy woman with an over sized bag that you cant find anything in. your keys, your phone, your id, you have to dump the ENTIRE thing out and a yo yo rolls out along with some cobwebs. the door man and the line forming behind you is not pleased! SO that being said. this Cambridge satchel company makes them in few great sizes and they customize it. you can get pretty much anything on here! i want this black one with an engraved GOLD. in gold. how fitting. but i truly think there is one out with for everyone. pick your poison.


the Gazette did a little ditty about the Lyon's arts and craft fair last Saturday.....
did pretty well for my first one! the ladies dug the hair flowers and rings. I thought they'd be more into the baby beanies. apparently nobody knows anyone with a baby! stay tuned for the next fair sometime in jan./feb.

here's a fellow blogger/crafter (well more of an amazing artist friend) photo's of us up close and personal. kvz! not only can she draw the poo out of an owl shes pretty great with a camera!

all in all it was a success. :)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

red... i want a divorce

divorce necklaces.....

go to the site and watch the vid. it takes you to this lovely 80's world. im currently growing my eyebrows out because of this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

saturn return.

Saturn return

A dear friend told me about this saturn return biz. since i'm entering as of oct. my first return i'm very excited to see how this pans out. I keep saying 2011 is going to be my year. I do feel like things are changing and I will have the reins once again on my daily biz after receiving my cosmetologists license in feb. (fingers crossed) but here is the gist:

The Saturn Return is an astrological phenomenon that occurs at the ages of 27-30,

58-60, 86-88, etc., coinciding with the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one

orbit around the sun. It is believed by astrologers that as Saturn "returns"

to the degree occupied at the time of birth—approximately every 29.5 years—

a person crosses over a major threshold

and into the next stage of life. With the first Saturn Return, a person leaves youth behind

and enters adulthood. With the

second Return, maturity. And the third and usually final Return, a person enters wise old age.

The first Saturn Return is famous because it represents the first test of character

and the structures a person has built his

life upon. According to traditions, should these structures be unsound, or if a person is

living out of touch with his true values,

the Saturn Return will be a time of upheaval and limitations as Saturn forces him to jettison

old concepts and worn out

patterns of living. It is not uncommon for relationships and jobs to end during this time

of life restructuring and reevaluation.

feel free to read on:

Monday, December 6, 2010

mcqueen in chair form....

You would McQueen.

pirate vermeil

im loving vermeil. its such a rich piratey gold. if you want to get technical read on to see its properties otherwise just stare at the jewels above.

Vermeil (pronounced /ˈvɜrmɪl/ or /vərˈmeɪ/; French: [vɛʁˈmɛj]), a French word which came into use in the English language, mostly in America, in the 19th century as an alternative for the usual term silver-gilt,[1] is a combination of sterling silver, gold, and other precious metals. It is commonly used as a component in jewelry. A typical example is sterling silver coated with 14carat (58%) gold. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10 carat (42%) and be at least 2.5 micrometres thick. In the US, sterling silver covered with a base metal (such as nickel) and plated with gold cannot be sold as vermeil without disclosing that it contains base metal.