Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Her story of Lipstick, feminists wear lipstick

Lipstick is very interesting thing don't ya think? Why don't we paint out noses red? Wearing lipstick dates back to the dawn of history. It is thought to aid in reproduction. Woman luring men dates back to 5000 years ago. It is thought to be started with the crushing of stones and fish scales. The Egyptians had some snafu's with the use of iodine. The kiss of death arose many disease's. (Can't blame a girl for tryin'.) Queen Elizabeth really solidified the trend of chalk white faces and blood red lips by the 16th century. She evolved the product using bees wax and plant based make up. Around World War II lipstick became more common for the every day gal to wear. (thank god) At a point in time make up was to be thought of as the devil's work and male trickery. So glad these shameful times are behind us. Viva la lipstick. 

Before 1884 ladies just con-cocked lipsticks at home. (1800's Etsy!) Guerlain, a french company, was the first to to manufacture. They would wrap the product in silk paper, still not yet offered in a tube. In the late 1890's Sears Roebuck offered rouge for lip and cheeks in their catalog. It wasn't until a very smart lady by the name of Maurice Levy in 1915 to invent a cylinder metal tube applicator. 

As a feminist I just love how lipstick represents so much for woman. Flappers wore dark red lips to show their independence. At the time of male-dominated professions, such as scientific research and engineer's. A woman by the name of Hazel Bishop in the 40's, who created the first kiss proof formula. She was an organic chemist in New Jersey and Brooklyn. For me personally it for sure puts a bounce in my step and also gives me a way to support myself. 

Hazel Bishop the OG girl boss formulated the first "kiss proof" lipstick. Nasty Gal eat your heart out.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Soft cat eye tutorial

Do you love a good cat eye but liquid sometimes seems to harsh? Try this shadow line tutorial. I used Urban Decay's new smokey palette. FUN.

Start with a clean eye lid. I always apply an eye primer to lessen eye creases. My favorite cheap one is Elf's shadow lock eyelid primer in sheer.

Swept the shade "thirteen" all over your lid. I used a flat fluffy brush. 

Using that same flat fluffy brush sweep the shade "combust" just in the crease.

Take the shade "whisky"and draw a line mid eye to outer corner.

Now you look a little crazy. So get in there with a fluffy brush and windshield wipe back and forth until you are blended and smooth. 

take the flat fluffy brush, place the color "high" just on the round center of your lid. Lights up your look ever so slightly.
Now taking your angled brush, get the color "whiskey" (You can use whatever color you like, but I prefer this dark brown vs. a black. tends to be softer.) line your upper and lower lash lines to your liking. Making the wing as big or as small as your comfort level. A tip not to draw the line but you place the brush and re-load shadow as you go. Give more of a clean defined line and lessons fall out.

for the lower lash line I like to smoke out and smudge the line using a short and stubby brush.

I like to finish this look with a strong brow, mascara, light pink blush, and a classic red lip.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl

Can't wait for this to come out! Carrie Brownstein from Sleater Kinney wrote a memoir. I love Sleater Kinney and I LOVE a good memoir. Oct. 27th. Just in time for my Birthday. 32 looks good already! 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Girls To The Front

If you remember Bikini Kill and Bratmobile or even the Riot Grrl movement of the 90's and wonder what happened to these babes? This epic read gives back story a little behind the scenes insight and where they are today. How they ultimately fizzled out and the fall of the band "zine". If you ask me zines just turned into blogs and Tumblr's. Loved the nostalgic PNW 90's grunge oly, wa read. Hope you do too. 

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Range of colors­čŹ»

Are your grey's showing and you have no time to touch up? Style edit has you and your regrowth covered. Light and dry as a dry shampoo and only comes off with shampoo. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fashionable orthotics?! Could it be true?!

These shoes come in an array of styles but I've tried the active walker aka my work out/running errand shoes. Normally a new athletic shoe I need to break in and always have blisters. Didn't happen with these! REJOICE! In the past when I've worn shoe insert's my body is sore the next day. These have arch support and I didn't feel the day after hang over. REJOICE! I've never heard of a shoe helping with bunion support, well now I have. REJOICE! I was a little nervous to wear a leopard shoe, but they are a muted leopard and go with most things. I've gotten so many compliments when wearing them. Tempted to try other styles! 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Falling of Your Tan

       Now that we are full swing into the fall season, our summer tans are noticeably dwindling to a nil. Everyone knows the harms and risks of tanning beds and – let’s be honest – no one is fooling anyone with that carrot-hued spray tan. In my opinion, we should maintain a slight glow during the impending fall and winter months. However, colder temperatures bring dry, dull and pale skin appearances.  So naturally the question arises; what are those people to do, who are looking for a glow and a pinch of shimmer? Are you doomed into wearing turtlenecks and footed jumpsuits until the sun comes back? NO. Should you roll around the city smelling like sour coconut milk and cheap perfume, also known as self-tanner? BARF. My recommendation to avoid these beauty blunders: RCK or Red Carpet Color is an oil based, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic tinted body lotion that is awesome for the following reasons: 

    Being fragrance-free, this product won’t give you that self-tanner smell that makes your nose twitch. Yay! Additionally, it locks in once it dries (which takes about 5 minutes) so there is no transfer of the lotion onto your threads, which evades stained clothing. Bonus? If you mess up, it effortlessly washes right off with soap and water in the shower. You can wash your hands at your leisure and they won’t get that orange palm stained look. The oil base is great for dry winter skin so you can avoid the patchy skin-color variation. You can easily use this product year round, especially if you are someone that turns pink or red under the sun and never achieves that sought after glow.  It comes in three tonal shades which reduces the look of uneven skin. Imagine a scentless, error-free lotion option that glides on, dries after application and gives you a nude panty-hose effect. Plus, anything that lessens our body’s exposure to the sun is on my happy list. Remember, a sun-kissed tan is temporary; wrinkles and cancers are not. 

    This product was formulated by a celebrity makeup artist and is used on the red carpet often. The photo quality is great and who doesn’t want to look air brushed in real life? If it’s good enough for Hollywood’s red carpet it’s good enough for you to use at your friend’s wedding, a birthday party, or New Year’s.  Whether you’re a daily glam person or looking for a shimmery glow for a one-time event, I urge you to try it out. The 5.5 oz. pump bottle size is actually pretty generous and should last you quite some time. Give it a whirl without regret!