Saturday, April 30, 2011

bird people

Everyone is poppin' feathers in they're hair. They are super low maintenance and gives you fashion flare. Celeb's and pup's are all over them. Get on it.

E-mail me or call me and we'll put some feathers up in yo weave. You can wash, dry, iron, curl, swim, and jump with these bad boys. I have fashion colors and natural colors.

royal mcqueen

So I gotta talk about the royal wedding. Fashion wise anyway! (I think the whole thing is uber weird o. getting married on TV? weird.)

So Alexander McQueen label designed Kate's dresses. (ceremony and reception) I wasn't wowed by the ceremony dress but the reception dress however was amazing. My problem with the ceremony dress I feel like its been sooooo done. It was totally knocking off Grace Kelly. I expected something new and classic. You get the Royal wedding and McQueen together and all I get is a modern twist on an old dress. No budget and you give me french lace?! At least Diana's dress nobody EVER had or will have. The only unique thing about her dress was the pointy boobs. Which is a la Madonna. DONE.

However. BRAVO to the cake! I wonder what flavor it was on the inside??
 Kate's ceremony dress
 Grace Kelly's wedding
 Kate's reception dress
The best part. The CAKE.

so weird....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

the great american grow out

SO I'm on the journey of growing out my eyebrows.... This is what i would like them to look like.....
This is what i have mapped out........

Ive found these to be great friends in this tricky process. Also I was going to grow my bangs out but they are a great tool to hide those spotty brows. Eyebrows are the frame to your eyes the window to your sole. Tres important that they are up to snuff.


gold glitter french mani is the rage.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Supra's arent just for boys or for beb's! Keep me out.

ballet fashion

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

ballerina firerfighter

I know I totally bounce back and forth on fashion to beauty to baking on this blog.... but I just read this article about this gal that is a "ballerina firefighter". I totally am one too. I know there is more of you out there. find comfort and read below.

marchesa love

skin is in

When my Oma was in the hospital the nurses were all wowed by her 88 year old skin. Saying they've never seen such nice skin on a lady her age. She always used Noxzema and Nivea. Guess what I've switched to.

stayed tuned for the a toner and mud mask....

Monday, April 4, 2011

what i'm into at the moment...

hello killy nails!

garage salin' craftin'
dumpster diving and repurposing, even a bit of gardening....
recovering everything in retro teal.
buying in bulk. powdered cheese?
oh the beauty of my tc! im into making earrings... aka the ones she has on!
teen mom. love this baby.
my sailor baby
bunnies. its the year of the rabbit!
A frames and gingerbread houses
oh everybody's got a water buffalo....
brown bear
who doesnt love a pink retro trailer at the canal?
seattle seafood!
i want a claw foot tub... and i want it painted. black and gold possibly?
trippy hippies making a fence out of bottles. love.
the canal!

shelton, wa