Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long beach magazine spread

Its really too bad they spelled my name wrong in the credits, But its true I styled this shoot. July 2011 Long Beach Magazine

Friday, July 29, 2011

Outfit #2 $4.60

Top/short Salvation Army thirfted
Shoe Supra
Jewels obey necklace
bangles Santee alley

This is outfit number two head to toe salvation army. Minus the jewels and the shoes. The shorts were a sensible elastic waist pant. I cut them into shorts and they've been quite hard to remove from my body. The shirt is some sort of rayon poly mix almost silk like. ALMOST. ha. It reminds me of a Phillip Lim shirt I really wanted that was about $200. 

For all of you out there with champagne taste.

Orange Coast Magazine

I styled a shoot for Orange Coast Magazine last week. Here's a teaser of the men's clothing and the 1939 Hudson up in the mix. It doesn't come out till September so that's all she wrote for now.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Whoa do I need these or what. Gold toe and leopard AND the name is Sashaaaa. Oh BJ the things you do to me.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

clothing salvation

I might have made it onto a street style blog....
Leopard maxi and yellow tank outfit total $4.60
Gladiators $10 Santee alley
Bracelets DIY friendship embroidery thread and beads
Necklace Obey anchor with a $3 Geo stone from Sedona

The Salvation Army is doing a fill a bag sale. $15 for the small, $30 for the medium, $45 for the large. I choose the Medium bag and I was able to come out with 13 pieces. I would've shoved more but I was trying not to be an all American greed monster. Not to mention when your shopping green and for a good cause!13 pieces in a bag for $30 comes out to $2.30 per item. They tend to not price anything under $3 so this is a huge score. More outfits to come!

Salvation Army 
Alamitos and Anaheim LBC

Monday, July 25, 2011

denim short shorts

We are all aware that denim short shorts are all the rage. To think there was a time I was over shorts and would wear nothing but skirts is a long forgotten feeling. BUT we're not just talking shorts anymore. They have to have flare. As in gold spikes. Here are mine. The only thing I'm missing is some more bleach stains..... P.S. There is an orb angel in my crotch.

dingo flamingos


Natural habitat

$1 store flamingos and some black and white paint and sitting home on a Saturday night. I wanted the ones from but they're $28 each and that's pinching in on my clothes budget. I spent like $4 on two. Copy me. It's fun. OR you can commission me like Michael Angelo. ha.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sheer skirts

I do believe I need a maxi sheer skirt. I dig. Its gotta have the mini skirt underneath though....

I think this is my fav.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Lola Paige

Super cute, new-ish, affordable, local, clothing line! I examined them. Read below.
Read my article!

tooty tuesday

This music is kinda fun.....

I need to start meditating.... I think.... read this
WELL I know I need to start having my board meetings per my card reading. I've been bad and haven't. Tisk tisk. BUT I haven't been going to yoga! Water the root and enjoy the fruit.

What's up with bloglovin'. It's buggin' me that I'm not getting my followed posts!

My lovely friend Bunny the great MUA airbrushed my face with her new Temptu system. 
Maybe I'll take photo's serious someday.......

MAYBE I need to do Gala Darling's boot-camp so I don't mind having my photo taken. ha.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Where there is pink smoke there is fire

I want to go to Iceland..... and play in the lagoon mug.
I want to stay in a house with a red roof....... in the middle of nowhere.
I want to eat fresh fish...... and hear the tink tink of the metal grommets on boat masts.
I want to see pink smoke.... and find out why.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thao's bow

How cute is Thao with her bow? Adore. $5

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Trevor and his denim

I'm not sure If you have noticed the chambray and denim marriages all over town. Head to toe. Literally. In a shoe, a pant, a legging, a shirt, and a backpack!

American Apparel picks

Some street style

my kicks

My thirfted version

SEDONA my love.

The church at Tlauepaque square

 At the Amitabha Stupa. A peace landmark. Left offerings and prayers. 

Dried up creek
Prayer flags

 U.O. jumper, U.K. satchel, Ashbury sunglasses.
Juniper berries. It didn't smell like Bath and Body Works.

This rock was all sparkles in the sun. Camera didn't capture....

 Nightly sunset from the balcony.
 View from the house we stayed at.

 On the walk to the slide.

 Slide rock. Literal name. Slides naturally in the rocks.
 Driving into Sedona.
 zacada/zucchini bugs! They are like a really pretty grasshopper and super loud like electricity.
 All of these trippy Cd's were GOLD. Reiki gold, sleepy gold, yoga gold. They were calling my name.
 Parking lot in the middle of beauty. Almost sad....
Rings I made from found red rock and purchased agate.
Sunset highway on the solo 7 hour drive home. Drove threw a lightening storm. Awesome.
Bugship bracelets. Handmade Sedonian clay beads.

All in all if you ever get the chance to go to Sedona. GO. Its a only a 7ish hour drive from LA. It worth every seven of those hours to get there. It's amazing. Get your cards read, sit in a vortex, bruise your butt from rock slides, meditate, listen to Zacada, get in on a drum circle, watch the sunset, sweat your face off, get a hug by a local, get some geo stones and hold some crystals. love life and reconnect to it.