Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sheer skirts

I do believe I need a maxi sheer skirt. I dig. Its gotta have the mini skirt underneath though....

I think this is my fav.


  1. great! i work at american apparel and i love the sheer chiffon maxis :)
    check out my blog, please! i have a lookbook and video for my etsy.

  2. I like the last one the best also. I feel like you have to have just the right confidence and style to pull off something like this, but I like it!

  3. i am so with you on the sheer skirts. so. with. you. p.s. thank you for that dennis rodman fuschia velvet connection. that made my whole day. that dammmnnn big floppy hat. wow.

    ashley <3

  4. Great skirts. I think that first one will be perfect for summer ;)


  5. @melis awesome blog! you should do your work outfits! that would be fun posts!!!

    @h2 you live in ny i bet nobody would blink if you had on a sheer skirt! work it girrrrrl.

    @ashley I smell a blog post photo opp. with a velvet fuschia hat in the near future....

    @magdalena I think so too. i just purchased! a new post soon....

    xoxox all!