Wednesday, July 13, 2011

SEDONA my love.

The church at Tlauepaque square

 At the Amitabha Stupa. A peace landmark. Left offerings and prayers. 

Dried up creek
Prayer flags

 U.O. jumper, U.K. satchel, Ashbury sunglasses.
Juniper berries. It didn't smell like Bath and Body Works.

This rock was all sparkles in the sun. Camera didn't capture....

 Nightly sunset from the balcony.
 View from the house we stayed at.

 On the walk to the slide.

 Slide rock. Literal name. Slides naturally in the rocks.
 Driving into Sedona.
 zacada/zucchini bugs! They are like a really pretty grasshopper and super loud like electricity.
 All of these trippy Cd's were GOLD. Reiki gold, sleepy gold, yoga gold. They were calling my name.
 Parking lot in the middle of beauty. Almost sad....
Rings I made from found red rock and purchased agate.
Sunset highway on the solo 7 hour drive home. Drove threw a lightening storm. Awesome.
Bugship bracelets. Handmade Sedonian clay beads.

All in all if you ever get the chance to go to Sedona. GO. Its a only a 7ish hour drive from LA. It worth every seven of those hours to get there. It's amazing. Get your cards read, sit in a vortex, bruise your butt from rock slides, meditate, listen to Zacada, get in on a drum circle, watch the sunset, sweat your face off, get a hug by a local, get some geo stones and hold some crystals. love life and reconnect to it.

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