Monday, April 4, 2011

what i'm into at the moment...

hello killy nails!

garage salin' craftin'
dumpster diving and repurposing, even a bit of gardening....
recovering everything in retro teal.
buying in bulk. powdered cheese?
oh the beauty of my tc! im into making earrings... aka the ones she has on!
teen mom. love this baby.
my sailor baby
bunnies. its the year of the rabbit!
A frames and gingerbread houses
oh everybody's got a water buffalo....
brown bear
who doesnt love a pink retro trailer at the canal?
seattle seafood!
i want a claw foot tub... and i want it painted. black and gold possibly?
trippy hippies making a fence out of bottles. love.
the canal!

shelton, wa

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