Saturday, April 30, 2011

royal mcqueen

So I gotta talk about the royal wedding. Fashion wise anyway! (I think the whole thing is uber weird o. getting married on TV? weird.)

So Alexander McQueen label designed Kate's dresses. (ceremony and reception) I wasn't wowed by the ceremony dress but the reception dress however was amazing. My problem with the ceremony dress I feel like its been sooooo done. It was totally knocking off Grace Kelly. I expected something new and classic. You get the Royal wedding and McQueen together and all I get is a modern twist on an old dress. No budget and you give me french lace?! At least Diana's dress nobody EVER had or will have. The only unique thing about her dress was the pointy boobs. Which is a la Madonna. DONE.

However. BRAVO to the cake! I wonder what flavor it was on the inside??
 Kate's ceremony dress
 Grace Kelly's wedding
 Kate's reception dress
The best part. The CAKE.

so weird....

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