Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Falling of Your Tan

       Now that we are full swing into the fall season, our summer tans are noticeably dwindling to a nil. Everyone knows the harms and risks of tanning beds and – let’s be honest – no one is fooling anyone with that carrot-hued spray tan. In my opinion, we should maintain a slight glow during the impending fall and winter months. However, colder temperatures bring dry, dull and pale skin appearances.  So naturally the question arises; what are those people to do, who are looking for a glow and a pinch of shimmer? Are you doomed into wearing turtlenecks and footed jumpsuits until the sun comes back? NO. Should you roll around the city smelling like sour coconut milk and cheap perfume, also known as self-tanner? BARF. My recommendation to avoid these beauty blunders: RCK or Red Carpet Color is an oil based, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and hypoallergenic tinted body lotion that is awesome for the following reasons: 

    Being fragrance-free, this product won’t give you that self-tanner smell that makes your nose twitch. Yay! Additionally, it locks in once it dries (which takes about 5 minutes) so there is no transfer of the lotion onto your threads, which evades stained clothing. Bonus? If you mess up, it effortlessly washes right off with soap and water in the shower. You can wash your hands at your leisure and they won’t get that orange palm stained look. The oil base is great for dry winter skin so you can avoid the patchy skin-color variation. You can easily use this product year round, especially if you are someone that turns pink or red under the sun and never achieves that sought after glow.  It comes in three tonal shades which reduces the look of uneven skin. Imagine a scentless, error-free lotion option that glides on, dries after application and gives you a nude panty-hose effect. Plus, anything that lessens our body’s exposure to the sun is on my happy list. Remember, a sun-kissed tan is temporary; wrinkles and cancers are not. 

    This product was formulated by a celebrity makeup artist and is used on the red carpet often. The photo quality is great and who doesn’t want to look air brushed in real life? If it’s good enough for Hollywood’s red carpet it’s good enough for you to use at your friend’s wedding, a birthday party, or New Year’s.  Whether you’re a daily glam person or looking for a shimmery glow for a one-time event, I urge you to try it out. The 5.5 oz. pump bottle size is actually pretty generous and should last you quite some time. Give it a whirl without regret!

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