Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Her story of Lipstick, feminists wear lipstick

Lipstick is very interesting thing don't ya think? Why don't we paint out noses red? Wearing lipstick dates back to the dawn of history. It is thought to aid in reproduction. Woman luring men dates back to 5000 years ago. It is thought to be started with the crushing of stones and fish scales. The Egyptians had some snafu's with the use of iodine. The kiss of death arose many disease's. (Can't blame a girl for tryin'.) Queen Elizabeth really solidified the trend of chalk white faces and blood red lips by the 16th century. She evolved the product using bees wax and plant based make up. Around World War II lipstick became more common for the every day gal to wear. (thank god) At a point in time make up was to be thought of as the devil's work and male trickery. So glad these shameful times are behind us. Viva la lipstick. 

Before 1884 ladies just con-cocked lipsticks at home. (1800's Etsy!) Guerlain, a french company, was the first to to manufacture. They would wrap the product in silk paper, still not yet offered in a tube. In the late 1890's Sears Roebuck offered rouge for lip and cheeks in their catalog. It wasn't until a very smart lady by the name of Maurice Levy in 1915 to invent a cylinder metal tube applicator. 

As a feminist I just love how lipstick represents so much for woman. Flappers wore dark red lips to show their independence. At the time of male-dominated professions, such as scientific research and engineer's. A woman by the name of Hazel Bishop in the 40's, who created the first kiss proof formula. She was an organic chemist in New Jersey and Brooklyn. For me personally it for sure puts a bounce in my step and also gives me a way to support myself. 

Hazel Bishop the OG girl boss formulated the first "kiss proof" lipstick. Nasty Gal eat your heart out.

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