Thursday, December 3, 2015

Acure is my new cure!

I feel as though I've been on the hunt for the perfect facial cleanser and scrub duo. FINALLY the day has come. A cleanser that does not strip my face down to the dry zone of don't move too quickly or it might crack BUT still gets rid of make up. AND its smells like Peony's! The scrub makes you oh so soft! I only use a few times a week, but everytime I do my pores look GOOD. Both products are vegan, sulfate free, cruelty free, paragon free, PEG free, Petroleum free, Phthalate free, silcone free, gluten free, synthetic fragrance free, non pore clogging, and 100% biodegradable! Check times a million check! SO pretty much its pure magic in a tube. $9.99 at Sprouts seems like a very small fee if you ask me. This lipstick hippie is a very happy customer. Cant wait to try more from this company.

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