Saturday, December 5, 2015

Two book reviews

SO I finally had some down time to get some serious reading in over Thanksgiving. Driving almost 10 hours one way to Tucson and back. Thank god I had some reading to do! I read "Hunger makes Me a Modern Girl" and attempted to read "Girl in a Band". Carrie Brownstien from my beloved Sleater Kinney killed it. She's funny, hipster, and interesting. All things you would expect from this Portlandia creator.  Ms. Kim Gordon on the other hand! I hate to say anything bad about anyone... but in all honesty.  She's the epitome of a self involved and self important Los Angeles artist. I found it annoying and boring. I didn't even finish it. I only got half way threw it because I was stuck in a car with no relief, just hoping it would get better. My man friend read both and loved both. Maybe it was my inner turmoil of PNW vs SoCal. Someone else please read it and let me know your thoughts! 

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  1. looks like a great book