Wednesday, January 19, 2011

glowing fur

So I don't want to call anyone out or point fingers... BUT WHAT IS THIS?? This assemble is for sale on one of my favorite sites. NOT to be named at the present time. Where in the world do you wear this to? The beach in the great pacific northwest? I know its cold at the beach in WA but its more like you just don't wear a bathing suit. You wear any many layers as you can get on so you don't loose a toe. Wearing a furry bikini isn't going to make you warmer. This is an oxymoron of an outfit. It's nice out so you put on a bikini and hit the beach entailing warm weather. If you wore fur to the beach on a warm day you'd probably pass out from heat exhaustion. I know i know. It's not REAL fur. Which makes it somewhat worse. You know this material is that kind that makes you sweat instantly and kinda itchy. I suppose maybe with the Abominable snowman coat, that obviously is key in this kit, might give you more event options. Baby christenings perhaps? But who am I kidding? You cant wear this to the beach. It lights up. You'd get electrocuted. Maybe if you're a fool enough to wear it, you're fool enough to die for you fashion. Now that's passion for fashion ladies.

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