Wednesday, February 2, 2011

shampoo is better when it costs less.... kinda.

Okay so I know we all don't have a million dollars to spend on beauty products SO if you have no other budget choice other than to hit up the 'ol Rite Aid please at least consider using the products below.

Loreal came out with sulfate free low end shampoo/conditioner! hello! I recommend getting the hydrating concoction even if you color you hair. Big misconception if you color your hair you need to use color shampoo. noway Jose. if your only using color shampoo your not putting any moisture into your hair. further drying it out and your color will drop it like its hot. if your using a sulfate free shampoo your hair shouldn't be striped from moisture or color and everyone needs hydration unless you have super oily scalp. This line has quite a nice scent rosemary mint. lovely. use it.

AS for styling products I would stick to the Garnier Fructis line. Its broad and seems to be high tech for low end products. Just don't over do it with these or you'll be left with dry hair. ew.

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