Thursday, August 4, 2011

adventures in cupcake land.....

My newest try's from Casey's Cupcakes. S'mores up top and peanut buttercup down below. Both amazing. The s'mores is definitely a new favorite. Too bad they only do it for the month of July! Well probably a good thing for health reasons. Vanilla bean cake and milk chocolate frosting. Chocolate dipped gram cracker and of course marshmallows! After all that the peanut butter cup seems so anti climatic. Its just more of a simple cake. ha. Kicking and screaming we stopped at the mission inn store in Riverside on our way out to Joshua Tree. It was equally as cute at the Laguna store. Same difference really, so no need to hike out there unless of course your on your way to Joshua Tree.... or Palm springs... or Hicksville! 

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