Monday, October 10, 2011


It's my favorite time of year. Makes me miss Washington the most. When the weather is brisk but the sun is still out. You find bits of warm sun and it feels like a blanket straight out of the dryer. Only time of year you can completely over accessorize/layer and you don't seem like a person without a home. Its the season of pumpkin picking! That feeling that a big change is just around the corner.... oh the excitement. However in southern CA we don't feel the extreme change. The flat line of weather here doesn't make you appreciate the sun. The sun is here everyday maybe more intense than others, but you always count on some sort of sun glass needed eye wear. Here you have to tune into subtle changes.

Things on my fall fashion radar.

colorful tights and socks

boxy ripped sweaters

menswear flats in velvet and sparkles

vintage capes

hybrid sweater/cape



  1. yep, fall is absolutely the best season. those velvet brogues are beautiful, i want a pair!