Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lizzie's wall hangings

Lizzie Weaves

Here is the story behind the rad wall hangings in my shop! Come shop them in person, OR I can ship them to you! 3706 E Anaheim Ave Long Beach, CA 90804

Q: Tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies? Is wall art full time?
A: I'm originally from the UK, but have been living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for almost six years now. I work in the fashion industry and have been working with the wonderful Betsey Johnson since I moved here as well as working on other projects. Making my wall hangings started out as a hobby - combining my favorite things, colors, textures and shapes to create something that can really change the mood of a room. Once I ran out of wall space in my own apartment I decided to sell them, so I set up and Etsy store so other people could enjoy them too.

Q: How did you get in the wall hanging business?
A: It was an Instagram rabbit hole that led me to discover some amazingly talented textile artists that had rejuvenated the Fiber Art movement and were creating some beautiful pieces that I was instantly drawn to. Being someone that just wants to create, I decided to take a class from Maryanne Moodie who happened to be teaching in Brooklyn. I was instantly obsessed!

Q: Do you have a personal favorite design?
A: They're like children; you have to love them all the same. But for me the bigger the better with lots and lots of texture!

Q: How do you come up with designs? Inspiration?
A: I take inspiration from Navajo designs, architecture, geometric shapes, or even just a beautiful color story from nature inspires me.

Q: Tell me about the yarns you use!
A: The yarns are all obtained from responsible sources and I try and use organic yarn as much as I can. I like the color and texture or hand dyed yarn – it has more character.

Q: Any special instructions on care?
A: It's good to give them a little gentle brush when you first hang them as they can get a bit crumpled in transit. Then occasionally pat them down once in a while to keep them clean.

Q: What is your favorite book to read?
A: I love reading autobiographies, especially from designers and musicians living the NY life in the 70's and 80s. Right now I'm reading Born to Run, it's so inspiring! It makes you believe anything is possible!

Q: Anything in particular you would like to add?
A: I take custom designs too! If you have a room that needs a splash of color or a wall to fill with something beautiful then please email me. I love working with customers to develop a piece that suits their taste and personalities perfectly. Also – thank you for appreciating my work! It's such a pleasure to have work represented in Long Beach!

Edited by Toni Mathews

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