Monday, September 19, 2011

emmy's best and worst red carpets

I really loved a lot of the dresses this year. Great colors, fabrics, and designs. I must say however the hair and m.u. department needs a boost!

 Kudos for her wearing something that fits her hard to dress body type. 
 Love this dress, however, Teetering on not age appropriate.
She is always styled perfectly to me. Classic with an edge. Her hair and mu is an exception compared to her peers. Perfection. 

 This length is a bit awkward, but I do love this dress. Would've loved to see her hair more retro glam.

Deb? Is that really you? Can we say bombshell?
Can you please twirl for me? Would make my day. love.

Who doesnt love a good lady in red?

Love this dress. Love this dress on Amy? eh? She could do better. hair and m.u. she looks super washed out.  
This is perfection on an age appropriate dress. 

So many things wrong here I'm not sure where to begin. I'm sure it hurts your eyes as well. Lets just keep it at that.

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