Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sew magic

One of a kind Overnight zipper pouch’s

Q: Tell me a little about yourself! Where are you from? What are your hobbies? 
A:  I am originally from Germany. I now live near Hood Canal in Washington State. My hobbies have always been centered on creation; whether it is drawing, sewing, or gardening.

Q: How did you get into sewing?
A: I got into sewing from my Oma Johanna and my Mom. I started with embroidering handkerchiefs when I was seven years old. Later, I moved on to sewing Barbie clothes, which also introduced me to my love for fashion.  After high school I took a two year sewing course at Bates Technical, which was quite in-depth. At that time there were no real artistic schools in Washington. My dream was always to study fashion design in Paris. Ah well, maybe one day!

Q: How do you come up with designs? Inspiration?
A: I like to study all the stuff on the Internet and go with my gut as to what would be liked by my family members.

Q: Any special instructions or tricks people wouldn’t normally know?
A: I think most people don't realize the importance of the old fashioned basting technique. Also, when I sew something for someone, I always start out with the garment about 2 sizes too big and then take it in on the person for a custom fit.  

Q: Who was your teenage idol?
A: . Oh how many there were. An oldie was Burt Lancaster. He was young in the 40’s! Paul McCartney for sure, but lesser known is Rick Springfield when he was starting out in ‘65 in England. I lived in Germany during this time and he was as popular as the Beatles back then, he came much later to the states.

Q: Anything in particular you would like to add?
I wish women would realize the impression they make on others by the clothes they wear. I am a child of the 60s and believe in freedom of expression, but I think you could get your point across better if you took the time to wear quality clothes. I do like the wonderful new fabrics available, especially hand painted silkscreen, but have as yet to make anything for anyone out of this fabric. 

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