Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mixed Chicks

New product alert for my curly girls! The line Mixed chicks (aka anyone with curly hair) came out with a product called the "morning after". Its a curl redefining foam to be used on dry hair. Do you ever wake up with a head full and frizz and think the only thing that can help this mess is to wash? Well get lazy cause all you really need is some of this and your back in smooth business. I was personally a little scared because my curls are not of the course variety. They are fine and soft but this did not give me top o' ramen hair. *rejoice* You just scrunch/apply it in like you would any other foam/mousse. I know every gal has their way that works best for their hair type. Regardless, get into it. Less wash, less color fade, less damage.

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