Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bespoke Shirt Manufacturer Revolutionising the Way People Buy Clothes *Guest Blogger*

By Chris Ball
Oxfordshire, U.K (September 19, 2014) - The days of visiting the tailor to get custom-made shirts, as well as the tedious measuring and fitting sessions are over. My Own Shirts is revolutionising the way people buy clothes with their unique 3-stage process that saves a lot of time. Anyone harbouring secret fantasies of a becoming a world-class designer can use My Own Shirt's bespoke service as their training ground. Designing the perfect shirt on the company's website- - can be done in less than six minutes. In the first step, clients choose the fabric, cuffs, collars, pockets, buttons and more, for their shirt. The best thing about the design process is that clients can watch the shirt evolve in 3D as they go along. The second step is to enter body measurements and the final step is left completely to the manufacturer to execute their craft. Once the shirts are completed, they are delivered to the client within 2- 4 weeks wherever they are in the world. 
The shirts manufactured by My Own Shirts are built to last. They are made using the single needle lock stitching method, which is one of the strongest types of stitching used in garment construction. In single needle stitching, the seams are first sewn together. A second seam is then created to conceal the first seam. Unlike the double stitching method, which is easily distorted when washing, the single needle stitch creates a neat, clean, crisp look that can withstand a lifetime of washes.  Additionally, the single stitching method features 14 stitches per inch, and this as well as the quality of the fabrics used by My Own Shirts contributes greatly to the durability and longevity of their shirts.
For co-founder, Chris Ball, My Own Shirts is more than just about changing the concept of bespoke shirt manufacturing. He said, "For decades, ordinary people have not had access to fine fabrics and traditional tailoring. We aim to bring the very best in fine Egyptian cotton to the reach of everyone."
The bespoke service provided by My Own Shirts is proving to be a hit among the creative, those strapped for time and those who just desire well-made shirts. Callum Bamford, one of the many satisfied clients, said "What can I say? The shirt is absolutely fantastic. I've tried it on for size and it fits like a glove. I'm overwhelmed with how it has turned out. It really is the nicest shirt I have the pleasure of owning. Another client, Mark Daley, said "The quality of material and workmanship is fantastic!". Clients who have experienced the quality of the service can hardly wait until the company decides to pursue bespoke manufacturing of other types of garments. To browse swatches, accessories or design a bespoke shirt, visit

My Own Shirts was founded by Chris Ball and Matthew Berwick. The idea for the company was birthed while Matthew was working in Shangai a few years ago and discovered the luxury and convenience of buying tailor-made shirts from the comfort of his home. Matthew met Chris – an entrepreneur, author and marketing specialist – in Turkey in 2011, and the two discussed the possibilities and potential of the Matthew's idea. Four months later, My Own Shirts was born.

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