Monday, May 18, 2015

Fashion Fitness *Guest Blogger*

Written by Kelsey Loechner

The first day of January tends to be the starting point or in other words ending point for countless people. Every year the holiday frenzy knocks people off their regular day-to-day schedule. Which in turn, leads most of us to choose the first day of January to be the best time to start fresh. Procrastination ends and newfound resolutions come about, urging change and transformations for the better. It is said that the number one new years resolution is to lose weight or stay fit and healthy. We’re here to share with those of you who have this same resolution in mind, that there are ways to make a statement while crushing your 2015 goals. 

More recently than ever, the fitness craze has become a fighting force in the fashion world. Fabulous news, fashion mavens - sporty elements are being incorporated into street style looks. Yes, fitness meshed with fashion and personally loving every second of it. Yoga pants became the new jeans, backless tees that show off those funky sports bras are a must have and choosing between sneakers or designer pumps has naturally become a tough task. The way fitness attire has transformed into everyday wear is actually quite genius. Fitness-chic conveys a message that you live a healthy lifestyle but can still look trendy while doing it. Those metallic leather tights you wore to 7 PM yoga are way too voguish to be left at the studio. Throw on a tunic, a pair of heels, and you’re ready for a night on the town! Guys - those basic black sneaks look just like your office loafers under a pair of jeans.

If there’s anything that Fashionista’s are eager to get their hands on, besides their favorite designers, it’s those new workout classes and the outfits that come with them. Whether it is the yoga class, boot camp session or the new popular Barre workout, they’re not just throwing on any old duds (so long grungy sweatpants!). While Lululemon introduces their “& go Here to There line”, Tory Burch launches her upscale accessory collection with fit bit flex for a new refreshing flair to the fitness phenomena. Alexander Wang announced in November collaboration with H&M focusing on menswear with the flexibility of sportswear. Fitness has become the IT look on the runway and there are no signs of stopping anytime soon. Sequined sports jerseys and casual baseball tees make those trips to the gym a bit more enjoyable. 

High-end designers are creating pieces that look just like casual wear which are extremely versatile and often unisex. The result of this era is what the apparel industry likes to call “athleisure.” Retailers are even cooking up new versions of jogger pants, workout pant-esque trousers just for men. Ladies love the tops with amazing mesh cutouts, pants with two-toned duel fabric, that even those who chooses not to work out loves the multiple functionality. Slouchy scoop-back tunics and those sleek performance jackets double as street chic when leaving spin class.  Sure, running shoes are intended to get you through your workout but the bold patterns and color combinations team up as fashion-forward kicks too! Such an exciting thing when that gym top looks even better under a killer leather jacket. 

“Look good, feel good,” they say and fashion-forward workout gear helps give us that extra push to keep those self-improving promises to ourselves. It is proven that when you feel confident in your workout gear, you workout harder. To top it off, no time is wasted when transitioning between work and play. 

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