Friday, May 29, 2015

Glamp *Guest Blogger*

By Kelsey Loechner

As the weather warms, so do our desires to spend most of our time outside. There is something so refreshing about the great outdoors and everything that comes with it.  For those of you who want a little nature getaway, but 300 thread count sheets and trendy worthy outfit are still a requirement for you, Glamping is the answer. Glamping = glamorous camping.  Glamping is the fashionable way to camp.

We want to shed light on the different ways to “Glamp” if you will. The camping experience alone is the scenery and the land you stay on. While Glamping adds a tad bit of convenience and just that — glamour. Lets combine sleeping under the stars while adding in the perks of a swanky lodging joint. Get this — theres electricity, real beds and even an actual place to do your business. As it has become more of a desired get away, Glamping accommodations started popping up all around the world. They range from canyons, campgrounds, villas and with king size beds! 3 course meals facials and massages. With no need for water purifiers! The great outdoors is just a step beyond your posh Glamp door.

But wait. Lets get down to the dirty. What about those of us who want to rough it? Get the REAL feel of becoming one with nature? Were here to show you how to do that the fab way. There is no telling what you’ll come across or what circumstances you’ll find yourself in when in the middle of the woods. Rock that au natural hair grease because this is the only time you can get away with it. If it kills you to do away with washing your hair for the time being, pack a travel size dry shampoo and spray that bad boy down. Tie that mop back and accessorize it with a cute bandana, floppy hat or beanie. Grab a pair of adorable denim cut offs with a flannel to match. For the daytime adventures lace up a pair of hiking boots or rain boots. So many cute options out right now. Keep those ankles covered in style.

Nighttime s’more making calls for a chunky sweater with a pair of leggings and wool socks. They will come in handy in a very warm way! Always bring a pair of flip flops so you can walk to bathrooms or be in public showers with an ease. I know you will have to look your pedicurist in the eye again at some point. 

Daytime for your skin, SPF is always a go to, however top it off with a chic baseball cap and some aviators. When it comes to the sun I’d rather cover in a cute hat and shoulder covered top than be sticky with sunscreen. 

Camping, or in our case Glamping should be a fun way to connect with nature to be inspired and find your wild side. But who said to leave your fashion at the door? Forest fashion should make its way to every gals closet, just incase there is a spontaneous weekend outdoors — we will all be happy campers. 

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